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About us...

Sunshine House in Alpine Texas is a non-profit Meals on Wheels provider and senior citizens center.  We provide a safe and friendly place for seniors to enjoy each others company and share a meal together.

Board of Directors

Anne Calaway - President

David Mainz - Treasurer

Chachi Hawkins - Secretary

Isabelle Blair - Member

Patsy Culver - Member

Jane Garrett - Member

Paula Wilson - Member

Michael Wallens - Member


Judy Ford - Executive Director      

      Kerie van Zeyst - Asst. Executive Director

     Elizabeth Kim - Program Coordinator

     Christy Hernandez - Client Intake

     Dana Hobdy - Bookkeeper & Office Asst.

     Jose Rodriguez - Head Cook

     Claudia Dominguez - Kitchen Supervisor

     Avril Hubbard - Kitchen Aide

     Diana Ramos - Kitchen Aide

     Cindy LaForge - Kitchen Aide

     Martha Bumpas - Meals to Marathon

     Beth Kerzee - Meals to Marathon

     Sylvia Foxworthy - Meals to Marathon

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